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All my classes are suitable for beginners in good general health.

I teach a mixture of slow vinyasa flow and more general hatha yoga, I have had the benefit of studying with many great teachers and experiencing different yoga styles all of which have influenced my teaching. In each class, we usually start with pranayama (breath work) before moving through a series of standing and seated poses, there is no set sequence and every week is different. There are always modifications for people who need them, and I actively encourage the use of blocks and ties as I certainly appreciate their support in my own practice. Each class ends with a short relaxation and I hope you will leave my classes just a bit calmer and 'lighter' than you did coming into class.


 I have undertaken teacher trainings in Yoga, Ayurveda, Mantra, Meditation, Pranayama and most recently, Sound Healing, with teachers from the UK, USA and India, including Sally Parkes, Noah Maze, Michael Stone, Ashley Turner, Julie Hemmings, Swami Vishnu Panigrahi and Deepak Ji. I continue to attend workshops, online and in person to support my own practice and continue to improve my teaching skills.

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