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Rooftop Yoga

Bringing yoga and/or mindfulness meditation into your workplace can help to motivate your employees, boost creativity, reduce stress and show your employees that their wellbeing is important to your business aims and goals.

As someone who has also worked in an office for over 20 years, I appreciate the strains on the body sitting can take, so I can tailor sessions for problem areas like necks, shoulders and backs and I can also provide relaxation and meditation sessions.

You might choose to book a longer one-off session, like a half day wellbeing retreat which would include gentle yoga, breathing and meditation or maybe you are interested in a weekly lunchtime session.

Whatever your requirements, I can tailor a package to suit the needs of your employees. 

Currently I can only offer classes online as I am away travelling. Please get in touch for further details.


“I wanted to thank you for running our lunchtime yoga sessions over the last few months. The team have really enjoyed the variety of the sessions and your support. The sessions have given challenge to some of our more experiences practitioners and have been accessible for those who had never participated before. We have found you to be engaging and inspiring in your teaching”


“It was good to have the stretches guided for us to do and show how sitting a lot affects us.

I liked that Theresa had designed her furniture so we could see the positions she was getting us to attempt,

and that she didn’t use yoga speak"

"It was brilliant! We were both saying how energised we felt afterwards. Definitely going to try and do some of her stretches throughout the day. Thanks for inviting her"


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