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What to expect...

Welcome to yoga - I do hope I can help you fall in love with the practice of yoga and help you see the huge benefits a regular practice can bring to your life.

It can be a bit intimidating if you have never been to a class before so here are a few pointers to make that first class less scary!

  1. Do arrive early, especially if you have any injuries/conditions the teacher should be aware of. Also, if you arrive early you can pick where to put your yoga mat, if you come in last you may be at the front!

  2. Do say hello to the other students near you, yogis love to talk to each other so don’t be shy!

  3. We do yoga with bare feet and it’s best to wear loose comfortable clothing, and perhaps bring layers for the savasana at the end.

  4. Savasana is how we finish class; we lie down and relax … if you are new this can be a bit intimidating to be in a room with strangers lying down in silence but after a while it feels quite normal!

  5. We sometimes use blocks and ties to help us get into poses – these are great if you have short limbs, are stiff or just like the extra support.

  6. Yoga is non-competitive – there is nowhere we need to get to in our yoga practice, we just give things a try and see how they feel. You will be encouraged to listen to your own body and stop when you hit your edge and we certainly never push into pain. We all have different bodies and yoga will feel and look different for us all.

  7. We sometimes have a rest between poses – this helps us connect with the breath again and it’s nice!

  8. You might feel weird during class or after – you will be asking your body to open in areas it is not used to, you may also ache a bit after your first session for a couple of days that’s quite normal.

Come to your first class with an open mind and be willing to give things a go and see where it takes you!

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