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The changing face of a yoga practice

As a student of yoga, I have been practising regularly for over 10 years, although I probably took my first yoga class at least 15 years ago. As a teacher having my own practice seems essential, I believe I need to remain inspired, challenged and growing in my own practice to be able to offer anything to my students. Those of you who take my classes will know I often talk about limitations or challenges I face in my own practice and how I use modifications, props or just skipping poses that are not good for my body right now.

What has been interesting to reflect on is how my yoga practice changes and is a fluid thing which seems to have a life of its own!

The thing is I really enjoy all styles of yoga – from sweaty vinyasa, to kundalini and yin yoga. I like variety in my life and in my yoga practice. I do get easily bored! So, having variety keeps me interested and focused. Others like to do the same practice and get great benefit from the repetition and there is nothing wrong with that, we should all do what serves us as individuals and take from the practice what we all individually need.

Recently, as many of you are aware, I have been through a challenging time in my personal life and it’s with curiosity and interest to reflect on how this has affected my practice.

I have found during this time; my practice has broadened to include more chanting and meditation as well as a slower more restorative and less fast paced asana practice.

I have also really embraced and enjoyed a number of kundalini classes and I feel long term I may train in this particular style of yoga as I find it so beneficial – even its insanely hard (it looks so simple) and I have no white clothes!!

In recent months, I have found I have gone to other physical activities to get my cardio fix: weights or dance classes this then has left space for my yoga practice to be more nourishing. It has also been a pretty hot summer, so I am sure that has had an impact as well on the type of yoga I want to practice. No doubt when the autumn comes, and winter approaches it may change again and I’ll be all over flow and faster paced yoga… who knows. And that is what makes it so magical. The world of yoga is so immense you can explore and experience so many facets to never get bored.

So, whether you like your yoga slow and mindful, fast and furious, anatomy focused or more spiritually minded it doesn’t matter it’s your practice. Just listen to your body and allow yourself to do what feels right for you at any given time. Just getting on the mat in any context is such a great gift you can give yourself!

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