Breathe In, Breathe Out



When my brother asked me why I wanted to teach yoga I replied that the regular practice of yoga had given me a better life and I wanted to share that with others, it really was that simple. What I hadn't been aware of before starting yoga was that I already had a better life. Everything really was ok. My own yoga practice has helped me appreciate the life I have been blessed with and come to see the world in a much more positive light.
I have come to yoga from a non sporty background and started out not being able to touch my toes, that's why I believe yoga is suitable for everyone.


"An excellent class, would thoroughly recommend. Theresa has gentle and down to earth approach to yoga. She successfully pitches each class so it’s easy to join in for complete beginners, and has plenty to interest and stretch anyone who has practiced yoga before. She keeps the format fresh so that each session has a slightly different flavour – and as well as giving a great work out there's plenty of time for relaxation too. If you’re looking for a supportive, enjoyable class then this is for you! " Eleanor

Theresa offers fantastic classes which cater for all abilities and will often suggest variations on exercises depending on your experience which makes it suitable for all levels. Attending the weekly yoga classes, which often target a different part of the body, has tied in with the rest of my exercise regime really well, and has helped improve my strength, flexibility and also helped me to relax my mind”. Sophie